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Primary Faculty

Tejal Desai

Design, Fabrication, and use of Advanced Micro/Nano Biosystems

Research Description

Studies in the Desai laboratory focus on the design, fabrication, and use of advanced micro/nano biosystems for the following:

  1. Cellular integration and tissue engineering
  2. Biomimetic architectures for functional biomaterials
  3. Therapeutic drug targeting and delivery

For example, studies are being conducted to investigate the role of structural mechanics in regulating biochemical pathways, biological adhesion phenomena, cytoskeletal deformation and active cellular motility. Motivating these fundamental studies is the development of novel materials that mimic the interfacial and structural properties of natural biomaterials. The Desai lab is designing templates to achieve cardiomyocyte attachment and orientation in dynamic environments and have applied microfluidic biopolymer patterning to design multicellular and multilayered vascular analogues. The potential of using such techniques to recreate hierarchical tissue architecture makes this an exciting tool for cellular and tissue engineering. The lab is also interested in novel approaches to deliver drugs to specific cells via targeting. Examples include lectin-conjugated microdevices for oral delivery and neurotransmitter-conjugated nanoparticles for neuronal targeting.

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Current Projects

Cardiac Tissue Engineering
Vascular Tissue Engineering
Orthopedic Tissue Engineering
Neural and Retinal Tissue Engineering
Artificial Pancreas
Gastrointestinal Microdevices
Non-fouling and Modified Surfaces
Biosensors and Quantum Dots

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Selected Publications


Ainslie, K.M.; Desai, T.A., "Microfabricated Implants for Applications in Therapeutic Delivery, Tissue Engineering, and Biosensing." Lab on a Chip. In Press. (PDF)

Ainslie, K.M.; Kraning, C.M.; Desai T.A. "Microfabrication of an Asymmetric, Multi-layered Microdevice for Controlled Release of Orally Delivered Therapeutics." Lab on a Chip. In Press. (PDF)

Saldanha, K.J.; Piper S.L.; Ainslie K.M.; Desai T.A.; Kim H.T.; Majumdar S. "Magnetic Resonance Imaging of iron oxide labeled stem cells: Applications to tissue engineering based regeneration of the intervertebral disc." Manuscript in Preparation. (PDF)

Ainslie, K.M.; Tao, S.L.; Popat, K.C.; Desai T.A. "In vitro Immunogenicity of Silicon Based Micro- and Nano-structured Surfaces." ACS Nano. In Press. (PDF)

Ainslie, K.M.; Tao, S.L.; Popat, K.C.; Desai T.A. "In vitro Inflammatory Response of Nano-structured Titania, Silicon Oxide, and Polycaprolactone." J Biomed Mater Res A. In Press. (PDF)

Tao, S. L.; Popat, K. C.; Norman, J. J.; Desai, T. A., Surface Modification of Su-8 for Enhanced Biofunctionality and Nonfouling Properties. Langmuir 2008, 24, 2631-6. (PDF)

Nehilla, B. J.; Bergkvist, M.; Popat, K. C.; Desai, T. A., Purified and Surfactant-Free Coenzyme Q10-Loaded Biodegradable Nanoparticles. Int J Pharm 2008, 348, 107-14. (PDF)

Neeley, W. L.; Redenti, S.; Klassen, H.; Tao, S.; Desai, T.; Young, M. J.; Langer, R., A Microfabricated Scaffold for Retinal Progenitor Cell Grafting. Biomaterials 2008, 29, 418-26. (PDF)

Pattani, V. P.; Li, C.; Desai, T. A.; Vu, T. Q., Microcontact Printing of Quantum Dot Bioconjugate Arrays for Localized Capture and Detection of Biomolecules. Biomed Microdevices 2008, 10, 367-74. (PDF)

Norman, J. J.; Collins, J. M.; Sharma, S.; Russell, B.; Desai, T. A., Microstructures in 3d Biological Gels Affect Cell Proliferation. Tissue Eng Part A 2008, 14, 379-90. (PDF)

Houtchens, G. R.; Foster, M. D.; Desai, T. A.; Morgan, E. F.; Wong, J. Y., Combined Effects of Microtopography and Cyclic Strain on Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Orientation. J Biomech 2008, 41, 762-9. (PDF)

Nehilla, B. J.; Allen, P. G.; Desai, T. A., Surfactant-Free, Drug-Quantum-Dot Coloaded Poly(Lactide-Co-Glycolide) Nanoparticles: Towards Multifunctional Nanoparticles. Acs Nano 2008, 2, 538-544. (PDF)

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Contact Information

Email: tejal.desai@ucsf.edu

Phone: (415) 514-4513

Mailing Address
Box 2520 , 1700 4th Street, QB3 203
University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA. 94143 - 2520

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